How-to Setup a Polycom Trio Corporate Directory Part One

Polycom Trios can be configured to utilise an external directory source such as as Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) enabling users to search the directory for available contacts. To facilitate the configuration of the Polycom Trios a Provisioning Server can also be implemented that will serve all Polycom Trios with a standard set of configuration elements including the connection information of the AD LDS source.

In part one of two, I will detail the setup Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) to house the directory objects for the Polycom Trios. In part two I detail the setup of a provisioning server deployment and configuration. In both parts the server side components reside on Windows Server 2016.

Setup Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) is installed from Server Manager. Only the AD LDS wizard steps are detailed below.

At this step it is important to make sure the application directory partition is in the format ‘dc=partition,dc=name’ and not per the example ‘CN=…’, as this will prevent you from creating Organisational Units in the directory.

Do not select any LDIF files at this point.

Import the MS-ADAM-Upgrade-2.ldf.

Import the MS-User.ldf.

Enable Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services Recycle Bin

Follow these steps to enable the enable the Recycle Bin. This enables recovery of objects deleted from AD LDS and provides some mechanism of resiliency from unintential deletions.

Change the msDS-Behaviour-Version to 6, which is equivalent to WIN2012R2.

The ‘CN=Configuration,CN={….}’ can be found in the ADSI Edit screen.

Configure Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services for Polycom Trio Integration

In order for Polycom Trios to connect to the dirtory they will require a user account with read-only permissions. Connect to the Application Parition created earlier using ADSI Edit.

Create a new user that the Polycom Trios will use to connect to the directory. Note, I have created a users OU for the user. Once the user has been created, right click it and reset the password.

Navigate to CN=Roles, go to the properties of Readers. Locate the Member attribute and edit it, adding in the created user via its distinguished name.

At this point contacts can be added to the directory. In this scenario I’ve created a ‘directory’ OU to house all the directory objects. Directory objects are simply users with their attributes configured to align with the Polycom Trio configuration. In part two the configuration will be detailed, however, at this point:

  • Create a user for each contact
  • Set the telephoneNumber Attribute with the number which should be dialled when the contact is selected.
  • In part two only the CN attribute is used as the ‘display name’ in the Trio directory along with the telephoneNumber attribute