Cisco Spark Hybrid - Call Connector Setup Part 2

Following on from Cisco Spark Hybrid - Call Connector Setup Part 1; the following information relates to the setup of Call Service Aware which is a prerequisite to the Call Connector.

On Cisco Unified CM

Enable Spark users for CTI control. The following steps can be followed to add users to the Standard CTI Enabled user group. The steps can also be found here.

  1. Select User Management > End User
  2. Select the user you want to add to the group
  3. Select Add to User Group in the Permissions Information group
  4. Search for Standard CTI Enabled in the Find and List User Groups window
  5. Select Standard CTI Enabled user group
  6. Select Add Selected
  7. Select Save 

Configure an application user to monitor devices enabled for CTI control. The application user is created in User Mangement > Application User. The screenshots below show an example Application user.

On Expressway-C connector host

Enable the Call Connector. On the desired Expressway-C that will run the Hybrid Services, follow the below steps to enable the Call Connector.

  1. Select Applications > Hybrid Services > Call Service > Unified CM Servers
  2. Select New
  3. Enter
    1. Unified CM Address - the FQDN of the CUCM node
    2. Username - the Application User created earlier
    3. Password - the Application User password created earlier
  4. Select Verify Credentials
  5. Select the
    1. Cisco Spark Remote Device Configuration Type - Automatic
    2. Device Pool - the desired Device Pool for Spark devices
    3. Location - the desired Location for Spark devices
    4. Calling Search Space - the desired CSS
    5. Reroute Calling Search Space - the desired Reroute CSS
  6. Select Save

Once the Call Connector is configured and enabled the Connector Management screen should look similar to the following image.

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