Cisco - Null Media Info in CAR CDR Reports

For an environment using Cisco Video Conferencing devices, when running the CAR, CDR > Search > By User/Phone Number/SIP URL. The Media Info value for all records is null.

According to the Cisco Prime white paper, this is expected behaviour:

Note that all audio quality metrics listed in Table 1 are stored in the CMR. For phones that do not generate CMR, such as Cisco TelePresence� TC, CE, CTX, and IX endpoints; Jabber� platforms (all platforms); Cisco IP Communicator; and Cisco Unified Personal Communicator, grading will be �N/A�.

An example SIP BYE where the details are included, sourced from this thread

CSeq: 102 BYE Reason: Q.850;cause=16 Max-Forwards: 68 P-RTP-Stat: PS=294,OS=47040,PR=308,OR=48344,PL=0,JI=0,LA=0,DU=6 Content-Length: 0